A warm summer evening, a lot of post-its, a flipchart and 3 people in (or near) their fourties with a strong opinion about supply chain, entrepreneurship, customer focus and a participative business model. A lot of ideas and subsequent discussions with a single common thread: “feet in the mud”. Our name is a fact and our values are crystal clear.

Our mission

We are supply chain consultants who like to get their feet in the mud and help our customers to implement the most efficient, future proof and customer-oriented supply chains.

Our vision

We strongly believe in the development of a participative and entrepreneurial platform for passionate people. A platform which caters for individuals to grow and steer their professional future.

We dream of a culture where employees have real ownership, where former colleagues become our future customers, where customers are genuinely involved in the development of our organisation, where people thrive because it simply feels right. 

Our values


We are passionate geeks, we simply love supply chain. Supply chain challenges cater for our daily shot of adrenaline.


We are transparent in what we do and how we engage with others. We express our sincere yet frank opinion in a respectful way. The best insights are born from an open dialogue.


We see our commitments through all the way. Any possible obstacles are tackled with a smile. Our focus is always on the end goal.

Customer centricity

Our passion is supply chain, we get our motivation and drive from realizing sustainable solutions for our customers.

I love the quote “If plan A does not work, the alphabet has 25 more letters”. Life is too short to think in limitations, break out and discover all your possibilities.

Michael Degrez


20 years consulting experience in digital business transformation. People centric & passionate about business development.

We have to continuously adapt in an increasingly faster changing world. Do what you believe in and believe in what you do. It all starts with YOU.

Olivier Declercq


20 years international experience in world-leading CPG companies within engineering, manufacturing and logistics operations from shop floor to senior management level.

Successful and sustainable improvement does not come from the best of theories nor from the perfect execution of a plan, but from the willingness of people to change.

Jan De Kegel


20 years international supply chain experience in world-leading CPG companies and as a consultant. Passionate about where supply chain meets IT.

Hungry for a change?

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