IBP process & demand planning capability improvement


Our client, a texmex industry leader was looking for an improvement of its IBP process as it was focused on short term capacity balancing and lacked solid demand planning practices to bring demand into the IBP equation.

The company manages a very complex, global product portfolio with a a lot of product – customer – market combinations.


We helped improved demand planning accuracy based on product and customer segmentation and by applying (basic) statistics as opposed to the existing demand propagation practices.

With regards to the process, we extended the process to increase focus on demand to be able to better balance supply and demand. We also added scenario planning capabilities and increased the involvement of finance to move from volume focus to turnover and margin focus as well.

As a result, senior management has better insight in where the company is heading and why. It is better capable to steer the business and adjust its course if needed.

Implementation of integrated planning platform in pharma industry


Our client, a medium sized pharmaceutical company, experienced a lot of customer service level issues as a result of a complex production system, producing a diverse make-to-order and make-to-stock product portfolio and unreliable raw material supply lead times.

The existing planning processes and systems were no longer suited to cater for the above complexity, resulting in the company not keeping its delivery promises. The company also lacked insight into the root cause for these delays.


Based on an in-depth understanding of the above challenges, we advized the company to implement an integrated planning platform.

We managed the project from requirement analysis and tool selection to implementation.

Besides managing the project, we also took the role of functional consultant, ensuring a close fit between functional requirements and technical configuration whilst keeping custom changes to an absolute minimum.

Customer satisfaction increased thanks to improved make-to-order lead times and to a reduction of out-of-stock situations. Also, the new system catered for a drastic improvement in supply chain visibility, allowing the company to re-promise accurately in case of unexpected events and to gain insight in these events.

Supply chain assessment agro industry


Our client is a very large Belgian industrial group. The company had embarked on a transformation journey to be better equipped to remain successful in an increasingly competitive environment. 

The new management of one of its main divisions asked mud to assess the current supply chain organisation and processes in view of this transformation and of recent acquisitions.


We visited several production facilities, interviewed key stakeholders and deepdived into the existing processes using our assessment matrix which scrutinizes a supply chain based on 4 axes, technology, people, processes and performance.

This resulted in an extensive assessment report which clearly pinpointed the supply chain’s strengths and weaknesses, identified improvement areas and prioritized these into a 2-3 year improvement roadmap which the company has been rolling out over the past few years.

Logistics performance optimization to reduce overall delivery costs


Setup & leading a central logistics support and development organization acting as an internal consulting group to optimize logistics performance across zone Europe and to reduce overall delivery costs.


Created a new team of logistics engineers and defined a new structure to support today, protect tomorrow.

Support today by closely tracking & monitoring operational results

Protect tomorrow by introducing new technology (track& trace, WMS, TMS, Advanced Analytics).

Outline & implementation of green logistics strategy.

Industrial automation project: project management & business architect of the successful PLC & SCADA migration


The SCADA and PLC infrastructure in Belgian’s 3 biggest breweries were highly obsolete and support was stopped.

The project replaced the full PLC and SCADA layer in the 3 biggest Belgian breweries. Key challenge was to migrate from old to new infrastructure without any impact on normal production.


Key was to engage the front line in the migration strategy as we build the majority of the user requirements specifications from scratch. The project was split in several migration windows and for every migration a contingency, roll-back strategy was aligned with senior management. Project still stands as a benchmark automation project.

End-to-end project management of the set up of a new power plant


End to End project manager for the greenfield engineering, procurement and construction of a new thermal and electrical powerplant for the biggest Belgian brewery.

Project implied civils, thermal and electrical equipment (including all auxiliaries) and interconnection with the breweries.


Full project realized without any safety injury. Startup of the installation done 4 months ahead of initial schedule within budget constraints and without impacting normal brewery operations

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